December 2011 Entries

Tamales, Café y Navidad!!

December 26, 2011

Tamales, coffee and Christmas go hand in hand here in Costa Rica.  Tamales are the Costa Rican traditional food during the holidays.  The entire family comes together for at least one day, maybe two, to prepare tamales that will be shared with others over a hot cup of coffee at the Christmas and New Years […]

Transforming an Industry

December 16, 2011 | 11 Comments

For decades in the coffee industry, the producers without whom there would be no coffee, have been kept at a substantial disadvantage. Not only have they largely been unable to even make a living on coffee, but they most certainly have not had resources to invest in education, better farming practices and social and environmental […]

Over My Morning Cup of Coffee…


It is with great humility and a wellspring of emotion that I sit and write this first blog post for Thrive Farmers at my kitchen table over my morning cup of coffee in this little town of San Rafael de Abangares, Costa Rica here on Finca Flor Mar. Over the hundreds of morning cups of […]

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