French Press

Before you Brew

  • Start Clean. The cleanliness of your coffee pot affects the taste of your coffee, so make sure it is clean.
  • Use Fresh Coffee Beans. These will yield the best flavor. Ideally, you want to purchase only enough beans to last 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Use Pure Water. Coffee is 98.5% water. Use clean, filtered water that is free of odors and chemicals.
  • Grind Your Own Coffee. There are two kinds of grinders: Blade and Burr. The Burr grinder is strongly preferred. Grind your beans right before brewing. This maximizes flavor.
  • Prepare Your Coffee Filter. For optimal taste, use white (oxygen bleached) filters for brewing your cup. Unbleached filters can give a strong paper or cardboard flavor to coffee. Rinsing the filter first with hot water can help to eliminate possible paper taste.

Brewing Guidelines

  • Use the Correct  Ratio. The right ratio of coffee to water is the secret to full bodied, good tasting coffee. Generally, the  recommended ratio is 1 oz of coffee to 16 oz of water (or 1g of coffee to 16g water).
  • Know Your Technique. Coffee makers come in many different forms. Please view our brewing guide videos for proper instruction on your favorite method.
  • Enjoy Your Coffee Immediately. A warmed cup holds the temperature longer or use an insulated cup.
  • Your Garden Loves Coffee, too! Your coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, so mix them into the soil, or spread them out as a snail barrier, or mix with a bucket of water and steep to make a liquid fertilizer for potted plants.
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