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Raised Drying Beds – a proven method

April 21, 2015 | 1 Comment

If you have been following along with our Tools of the Trade blogs, you’ve probably realized that coffee quality is positively or negatively affected at every step along the supply chain from the time a seed is planted until the coffee is sipped from your favorite mug. One of the most crucial steps along the […]

The Oxcart – a symbol of pride

March 30, 2015

Originally pulled by men, not oxen, oxcarts (known as carretas) were a tool used early in the coffee trade of Costa Rica. It wasn’t until the loads grew too heavy for human strength that the oxen were used to move coffee. Combining the Aztec disc and the spoked Spanish wheel, high- quality wood and a […]

Hands – a primary tool on a coffee farm

February 26, 2015

They lend us a tangible way of sensing, grasping, even manipulating the world around us. With them, we express ourselves, we turn the depths of our imaginations into a visible, physical reality — we lift, we chop, we eat and feed, we clear the way. With these strong, yet agile, extremities, we seal an embrace. […]

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