Cupping from Guatemala to you

March 8, 2012

Alejandro Garcia and Rob Tuttle are in THRIVE Farmers’ home office in Guatemala, the acclaimed Finca San Rafael Urias in Antigua. They are cupping this year’s crop of coffees from across Guatemala produced by THRIVE Farmers and available to you in May. Cupping coffee is so important because the “the cupper” is experiencing the characteristics and attributes of the coffee.  The cupping process is a social experience shared best as a group. Dialog will take place surrounding the experience, the flavor, the aroma, the body and so much more.


At THRIVE Farmers, we cup the coffee with our fellow farmers at origin to ensure that exported coffees meet our high quality standards, and so we can know and communicate the flavors of the coffee to you the coffee drinker. Cupping brings the coffee drinker in direct relation to the producer.  The farmer can taste and be confident that he is sending the best of his crop to you.  From what Rob and Ale tell me, you are going to love our Guatemalan offerings this year!


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