Farmer Co-ops

A common form of organization for smallholder farmers in certain countries is the agricultural cooperative where farmers join forces together to provide various services to the co-op members, including processing of the coffee, and to supply the various inputs for growing the coffee. While co-ops are effective in helping the farmer grow the coffee, the farmers, through the co-ops, still need to find a market for their coffee. THRIVE Farmers reaches many smallholder farmers through co-ops and brings their co-op to market.


Coopeldos has delivered a special allotment of coffee into the THRIVE system for the 2013 harvest and beyond the quality expected from this area of Costa Rica. Coopeldos consists of a group of 178 active small coffee farmers from the El Dos region of Costa Rica.

This coffee is unique for many reasons, and beyond the quality expected from this level of specialty grade coffee. Interestingly, this region is not traditionally known for growing coffee like the well-known Tarrazu region in Costa Rica. However, the area experiences a special microclimate that is excellent for coffee growing. As a result, the small farmers from El Dos joined together to leverage and sell their coffee.

They want you to know that their coffee “has been carefully grown and picked at the most ripe point for your enjoyment”. The farmers of Coopeldos are excited to directly market their coffee to the consumer and be a true stakeholder in the coffee supply chain.


Husband and wife, Ricardo and Myleydi farm their two family farms together in a manner that is representative of the small farmers that make up the coffee offering of CoopeTarrazu. Both families have been coffee farming for a combined 150 years. Ricardo studied agricultural engineering and returned to coffee to help his fellow producers.

CoopeTarrazu, is the most successful cooperative in the Tarrazu region and supports small coffee producers. Of all the coffee grown in Costa Rica, 44% is grown in the Tarrazu Valley. And of the 2,800 farmers from this region, 80% of the farmers in this group farm on less than 10 acres of land.
THRIVE Farmers aligned with CoopeTarrazu because of their leadership in bringing best practices in sustainability to small farmers. Every farmer in CoopeTarrazu receives organic fertilizer from the coop’s processing. They use this to feed the soil.

All farmers of CoopeTarrazu benefit from the THRIVE platform. THRIVE gives them the ability to sell their coffee through a system that rewards quality while the consumer receives a sustainably-grown, quality product.

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