SloDry: Innovation by THRIVE Farmers

In pursuit of excellence in the cup, THRIVE Farmers is taking a long-standing, dependable drying technique and enhancing it to protect the coffee during one of its most vulnerable moments. The result? A three-tiered drying process called SloDry™.

SloDry Benefits


Heavier Body


Increased Levels of Sweetness


Extended Green Life

Inspired by the Colombian drying process in which the coffee is placed on tiered parabolic drying beds, the SloDry innovative system utilizes airflow and natural temperature fluctuations for control during a three-tier drying process. Instead of stopping the process like with conventional drying, the sugars are allowed to develop, which impacts the final experience in the cup.

Tier 1

We ease the beans into the drying process by covering the bottom tier of the dry rack. The parchment pre-dries for 24 hours under a canopy with sufficient airflow, a cooler temperature and shade. As a result, the air wicks away moisture and ensures more uniform drying.

Tier 2

After a few days, the lot is raised to the second tier to dry at a higher temperature. Then, after a week to 12 days more, the parchment finishes drying under a parabolic solar drier, uniquely modified with an opaque roof. This prevents the parchment coffee from excessive exposure to direct overhead sunlight.

Tier 3

We complete the drying process on the top tier while the coffee is exposed to indirect sunlight and the highest temperature. This is the ideal drying profile for coffee in parchment.

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